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It all started when our founders, Arsen and Viktoria decided to surprise their family with an RV trip. Arsen and Viktoria rented a C-Class RV and drove themselves and their family on a road trip through the state of New York. After the trip, the husband and wife duo knew what needed to be done: "We have to get our own." 

After acquiring their first trailer they began to travel far, all the way up to Massachussets and down to the Florida Keys! Arsen and Viktoria saw the joy and life long lasting memories they were creating with their family and wanted to be able to provide that experience to others. Thus, Glampers Camp was born.

Giving Back
Image by Brooks Rice
Our Mission 

Its Simple:


Spread positivity. Create memories. Enjoy the Great Outdoors.​

We know how much a vacation can change the dynamic of a family, or even help bring some much needed peace and relaxation. That is why we are working around the clock to make sure that we can provide you with the most luxurious, fun, nature filled RV rentals as we can. From the color of the linens to the exact leveling of the campers, we pay attention to the small details and that is what we pride ourselves on.  

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