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The Best Adventures for You and Your Family at Glampers Camp

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Providing fun and exciting activities for the whole family is something that we at Glampers Camp pride ourselves on. Whether it be the lake where you can swim and fish, or the complimentary boats that we provide for use, we make it fun for everyone! Here is a comprehensive list of just a few of the activities we offer, both on and off site.


Hiking is an activity that is super simple and is everywhere near Glampers Camp. Being situated on 70 acres of land, Glampers Camp offers plenty of marked trails all around the premises. Enjoy a variety of scenery and become one with nature! If the trails at Glampers Camp are not to your liking, there are plenty of stunning trails within 20 minutes. Some of those include: High Point State Park, Stairway to Heaven, and Appalachian Trail. Just be sure to bring sunscreen and bug spray!

Mountain Biking

Situated right on the premises, the hiking trails double as mountain biking trails! Take advantage of the stunning trails, just beware, the trails are tight and bumpy so be sure to wear proper gear! If mountain biking on the trails is too difficult or not your style, the entire camp site is a loop, perfect for biking! If the onsite mountain biking is not what you are looking for then never hesitate to go off the premises! Just like with hiking trails, there are plenty of breath-taking trails and places to visit on a bicycle.

Lake Activities

The lake is the #1 activity at Glampers Camp. Located right on site, take advantage of the warm water and spend a day at the beach! Enjoy the complimentary boats ranging from kayaks to row boats and even peddle boats for you and your family to enjoy. Like fishing? We even provide you with the gear and fishing poles you need to catch the giant fish that lurk in our waters! If the lake on site is not your style, then be sure to check out the other lakes in the area. Trust us they're everywhere!

No matter the activity, the number one rule at Glampers Camp is to SMILE!

There are plenty of other fun adventures and activities for you to embark upon during your stay at Glampers Camp. Explore the farms, hills, mountains and everything else the Great Outdoors has to offer and most important of all: SMILE!

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