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The Top 10 Restaurants We Recommend Near Glampers Camp

Everyone gets cravings sometimes. Its normal. What's a better time to satisfy those cravings than when on vacation? Here is a list of the top ten restaurants of all cultures to satisfy all of your cravings while staying at Glampers Camp. They are not in any particular order. All of these recommendations have been places that we at Glampers Camp have eaten at ourselves.


#10) Lamp Post Inn (Bar and Grille)

Located just five minutes away from Glampers Camp, Lamp Post Inn is the perfect place to go when you are looking for authentic American, bar and grill cuisine. Take advantage of their reasonable prices and enjoy their delicious meals at their comfortable outdoor arrangements.


#9)Bobo Kitchen (Chinese)

In the mood for some Chinese food? Bobo Kitchen is the place for you! Just a ten minute drive from Glampers Camp, enjoy their tasty meals without traveling too far.


#8)Sushi Ya 2 (Japanese)

Perfect for any sushi cravings! Enjoy their fresh sushi and reasonable prices.


#7)The Jolly Onion (German/Bavarian)

From good music to great beer and outdoor and indoor seating, The Jolly Onion is the perfect choice for a fun night out for the family. Located in Pine Island New York, the restaurant is a perfect selection for a fun adventure.


#6) Cravin Thai (Thai)

In the mood for Thai food? The Cravin Thai is perfect to get a taste of authentic Thai cuisine while staying at Glampers Camp.


#5)The Tracks Deli (Deli)

Looking for a fast, affordable, and absolutely mouth watering place to get a quick bite? Tracks Deli is the perfect place. Enjoy deli subs made with fresh produce or take a sandwich fresh off the grill. Located less than 15 minutes away, it is the perfect place for a quick bite.


#4)Green Valley Farm (Ice Cream)

If you are looking for the tastiest, freshest, homemade ice cream, then Green Valley Farms is the place to go! Enjoy a stunning view of the farm and enjoy your scrumptious treat while looking at the sheep, goats, cows, and chickens. Just 15 minutes away, Green Valley is a great place to go while adventuring with your family, especially if you are looking for some delicious ice cream!


#3)Lorenzo's Pizzeria (Italian)

Lorenzo's is the #1 spot for pizza, pasta and other Italian staples. Located just 12 minutes away, Lorenzo's is perfect to grab a quick bite at a great price! Just make sure to place your order in advance especially for weekends. They get really busy as they should!


#2)The Farm at Glenwood Mountain (Farm to Table)

Looking to take your family out for a farm fresh meal? The Farm at Glenwood is perfect for you! Enjoy a tour of the farm and all of its gardens. Enjoy a delicious meal based around its freshly grown produce. The Farm at Glenwood is not only a delicious meal but a great experience. Just FYI, be sure to book in advance as reservations are booked weeks ahead, and it is more on the pricier side. Otherwise, it is a great experience and a tasty meal!


#1)Candy Apple Store (Sweet Treats and Desserts)

The Candy Apple Store is the #1 spot for absolutely mouth watering desserts. From multiple flavors of candy apples to chocolate covered fruits, this place has it all! Highly recommend to check it out, just beware, your sweet tooth may take over!


That was a comprehensive list of the top 10 places we at Glampers Camp recommend to eat at during your stay. Once again, this list was in no particular order. We sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay at Glampers Camp and hopefully this list can help you decide where to get some delicious, affordable and nearby meals!

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